A Friend's Celebration

A message from my sweet friend, to anyone who is struggling with addiction.

I want to share my celebration with you!!!!!   Today is my anniversary/birthday!!!!  25 years clean and sober today!!!!!!  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!!!!!  That's a really loooong time!!!  I did it!!!!  25 years...lololol  God is so perfect and wonderful that when He removed that addiction in me, He did it so complete that I have never had a desire to use again.  The drugs have had no power over me at all!!!  GO GOD!!!  I was talking to my Mom the other night, and she was concerned that Kay revealing her addiction right now  has "over shadowed" my wonderful accomplishment.  I told her that having to walk through the beginnings of addiction recovery with Kay has made me realize how strong the drugs are and how amazingly powerful God really is.  He removed that addiction from me instantly and completely in a less than a second and I remember now, by watching/helping Kay, how hard that life was and how far down into the pits of hell I was walking before I reached out to Him.  He brought this situation with Kay to light right now to remind me how very far I have come and how strong a person I am.  More importantly, He also is showing me how perfect and glorious He is.  He is showing me that even though I was dancing with the devil and playing on Satan's playground that He loves me so much He rescued me from that life, cleaned me up, dusted me off and loved me into a beautifully blessed life without any kind of payment required and no strings attached!!!  All He has ever asked of me is to let Him love me,  let Him bless me and let Him carry me through my life until it's time for me to come home.  He is such a beautiful God and my heart is so full of love and joy and gratefulness for Him today that it is leaking out of my eyes and rolling down my face!!!! lolol
So today I am celebrating... celebrating the anniversary/birthday of my new life.  Celebrating the love and compassion that God has for us.  Celebrating the fact that no matter how bad we screw up and how low we go…..  Our Creator will reach into the darkest, ugliest, scariest corners of Hell and bring us into His light and love us into His Peace and Joy.  GO GOD!!!!!!!
May God bless you and keep you tucked into His arms.

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