Friday, October 04, 2013

What's done in the dark

Last night someone tried to break into our garage.  We were home, but didn't hear anything.  Only this afternoon did we see the thing the bolt lock slides into, halfway bent off.  They must have been interrupted.

Now this is the thing....I always pray and ask God to protect our lives and property, His Holy Fire and heavenly angels as a hedge of protection around us and our property and of course the blood of Jesus and He came through for us!  They didn't get in! :D  God is GOOD!  True and faithful, that's my God!

Thank you Jesus!!  You are awesome my King!

But you know the devil is so hateful, he comes at you when you are a child of God.  He hates it when you pray for people, for your enemies, yes that's what I do, I pray for those criminals, that God will save their souls.  That He will grab them from that broad road they are on, heading towards hell and place them on the straight and narrow towards heaven.

But do I look scared of that lying serpent??  Ha!  Greater is He (God) who is in me than he (devil) who is in the world!

Hallelujah!!  There is power in the Name of JESUS!!  There is power in the Blood of JESUS!!  Jesus conquered death for us all, to give us LIFE!

How about making Him the King of your heart and your life today. :)

God bless you.