Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The clock is ticking...

We've been seeing in the news for a while now about birds dropping dead from the sky, coastlines filled with dead fish, dead animals randomly worldwide.  Scary stuff isn't it!  Surely God must be speaking to your heart, telling you these are the signs of the end times.  I just love how on Youtube so many of God's children are posting videos about dreams they had!  Awesome stuff, Jesus is coming!  I just know it, because although I've always been a child of God, I've neglected my bible reading, but lately I have this huge hunger for God's Word, to be near Him, to pray constantly, to read anything I can about Him.  I don't have the love for worldly things anymore.  When we die we can't take it with us!  Don't care to have the fanciest house, biggest car, biggest flat screen TV. 

Talking about TV...I've totally lost the desire to watch TV!!  Isn't that amazing?!! :D  God is so awesome.  We must remember, God's Holy Spirit lives inside us, so we must be careful what we feed our souls.  I used to watch Dexter, True Blood, but now...I just KNOW in my heart it's not what God wants me to watch!  What good does it do our souls to be watching such filth...none!  I used to love listening to pop music, but now...the desire to always be listening to that kind of music is totally gone!  I'm loving listening to gospel, hymns, praise and worship music.  It is so awesome when God calls us near to Him.  Heed that call!  He LOVES us, He wants us to have a relationship with Him.  He's a jealous God, he wants all of you.  Praise Jesus, He is so good all the time!

I was reading in Hosea 4:1-19 and it made my jaw drop!  "..and everyone is wasting away.  Even the wild animals, the birds of the sky, and the fish of the sea are disappearing."  That part just stood out for me, grabbed my attention. 

God bless you, in Jesus' Holy Name.

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