Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SA Elections

Tomorrow, 18th of May 2011, is our Election Day.  I can't wait to go make my vote and I am proud to say I vote for the DA (Democratic Alliance) and not the ANC (African National Congress), who use God in their election campaign.  Claiming that if you have a membership card from the ANC, you have a ticket straight to heaven!  I am shocked and appalled.  Yet they don't worry what God thinks about their hate-filled hearts toward the white people and farmers in particular in this country, when they sing their favourite struggle song "Dubul 'ibhunu" (Shoot the Boer). 

I do hope all people in this country, no matter their skin colour, will make the right choice and do not vote for the ANC and their empty promises.  People are protesting more and more about terrible service in this country.  The ANC promises more job creation.  Yeah right, poverty is rife in this country, but the pockets of politicians are bulging and it's party upon party, the most expensive cars, the poor people they are forgotten, no wonder they are getting fed up and protesting.

Just compare the Western Cape to the rest of the country and you'll see how ruling a province or country for that matter, is done.  The Western Cape is currently ruled by the DA, not the ANC.  God forbid they take over the Western Cape, we don't need things messed up here and we certainly don't need their racism.  All the politicians can do is talk about skin colour.  Get over yourselves already, the average Joe does not care about skin colour, he just wants a job and to feed his family, not lose his job because of his skin colour or be over-looked when it comes to promotion, because of his skin colour.

My husband is stuck where he's at and can forget about a promotion.  Black people and women come first, then the coloured (brown) and last in the row, the white man.  Will this go on forever?  It certainly seems like it at the moment.  Will the hate because of what was done during Apartheid continue forever?  If we leave it to the politicians, you bet your bottom dollar it will.  Apartheid gets dug up out of its grave at regular intervals, especially come election time!

Thank God most people in this country do not hate (I do believe that with my whole heart), only the minority racists and politicians, but you get them all over the world.  Also, we don't need people like Julius Malema inciting hatred with the struggle song.  We also don't need people like Steve Hofmeyr, writing racist songs to spite the Malemas of this world.  That is not doing anyone any good because hate makes you bitter and that is not good for your soul.

Spread the love people, that's what Jesus wants, love thy neighbour as you love yourself :D ♥ Oh one more thing, check your ballot paper has a stamp on the back, otherwise your vote will be null & void.  We don't what that!  Every vote counts.  Happy voting!

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