Tuesday, August 08, 2006


What is going on in the world people? Everywhere you look and read, it's just wars everywhere, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods! This surely must be signs of our times. Especially with everything going on in the Middle-East.

Just look at all the violence in the world, how it has escalated. Even here in our country, South Africa, it is absolutely shocking how brutal the murders are, torturing people before killing them! The drug abuse is just as bad! The youth in our country do such terrible things. The new craze going round is torturing animals and capturing it on their cellphones. Then I haven't even mentioned the 'fight club' craze going on in schools! Beating each other till the blood runs and capturing it on their cellphones! The youth also have no respect for anyone, not even their parents! They are the leaders of tomorrow! God help us with that!

I am sure the end of our world is slowly but surely drawing near.


Anonymous said...

I believe that we are in the end times, but the comparisons that are usually drawn are just too generic to suit me---I believe that the end cannot be predicted,will catch all of us off guard, and still be biblically true.

I hope that I am worthy when that time comes.

Scarlet Angel said...

I agree with you completely anonymous.