Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hope everyone is having a good day. I am so depressed from opening my newspaper in the morning and reading about murder and mayhem. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. We are now in our 12th year of democracy. Yesterday in the news, was about an old lady who was killed with her head smashed in with a meat hammer! The criminals then went to her neighbours, where they held them hostage, raped a pregnant woman twice and stole everything!

On another day it was reported that a law-abiding citizen and his brother was attacked (his brother killed) and that he then shot and killed one of the crims. Now HE!!!, the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN!!!!!, is accused of murder. WHY, do I ask, does this happen in our beautiful country South Africa??

In my little suburb where I live here in Cape Town, the crime is all around you. You never know when it will be your turn. NOWHERE is safe! Not in the more affluent suburbs nor the poor. Gangs are out of control and the police can do nothing about it, because they are the ones who tell you that if you have a gun, you are not allowed to shoot at the crim. Here in my neighbourhood the crims steal the taps off the walls outside houses!! TWICE we had burglars steal ours. The first crim had the "decency?" to turn off the main water supply tap, but the 2nd one just ripped it from the wall, with water spraying everywhere!

It drives me crazy. I live like a prisoner in my own home. I always used to open my door for beggars asking for food (and giving them), but now I refuse and just say I can't help. (That is not in my nature.) I love to help people.

The government has laws in place that help the criminals and they do not care to protect their law-abiding citizens.

So much for our wonderful "democracy"!